Prototype tool work at PlastiCert

Published On: March 9th, 2015|Categories: Blog|

Supply chain professionals often contact us asking if we can do prototype tooling at PlastiCert. That answer is a resounding yes along with the prototype parts as well. The important thing to focus on is what your goals are for the prototype parts and what requirements are there to meet those goals.

Before you start focusing on what type of prototype tool you want to make, you need to address what purpose your prototype parts will satisfy.

  • Define up front if you are just looking for form and fit parts (in which case you may not even need tooling, you can go the 3D printing route).
  • If you are looking to assess mechanical properties using the actual resin that we will use for you in production, you have basic low volume tool options at your disposal.
  • If you are looking for a cosmetic assessment for customer appeal, a new set of tool requirements enter the picture.
  • If you are looking to bear out the part needs design wise and be ready to go right into limited production, additional accommodations can be made to have a tool ready to supply you.

The bottom line is, that just as true with the part design, have early discussions about prototype tooling with your tooling and molding suppliers (or even better, a tooling AND molding supplier like us).

Early discussions will help you to arrive at the BEST prototype mold with parts that meet your design project needs both in schedule AND in cost.


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