Resin Integrity

Published On: December 23rd, 2013|Categories: Blog|

The base resins and composite resins used at PlastiCert have a myriad of end uses. They all end up touching not only our customers’ lives but our customers’ customers lives daily. As a processor, we handle these resins on a daily basis and are responsible for maintaining their integrity from raw form until molded into a component or product. The designs of these products are based on the properties of the plastic resins, which have been specified for each end product. If these properties are altered through contamination, the performance of the end use products may suffer. Manufacturers of plastics resins set out to deliver those resins in an “as manufactured” condition to the processor, the processor needs to maintain that integrity.

Approximately 90% of the plastic resins produced in North America leave the producing plants in covered hopper cars. Much of this goes to large volume/high quantity users. The remaining goes to distribution sites for re-packing into smaller units of measure (for final sale), or to custom compounders. A good deal of the handling of this resin is in automated pneumatic systems. Additional handling, even automated, has the potential for contamination, e.g. dirt, components of the handling system (joint sealing materials, paint and coatings) and certainly other resins that have been processed through the same equipment. As a small to medium volume molder of highly engineered products, a good deal of the resins we utilize are composites. They may have been handled as described, but then are processed and then re-tested to assure compliance with original properties and new properties due to the compounding. Also due to the specialized nature of what we run, we typically order in bag and gaylord quantities.

PlastiCert’s internal systems help to maintain the integrity of these resins upon receipt. Use of PlastiCert’s ERP system to manage acceptance and movement of material, as well as our handling and storage processes all contribute to product integrity. These issues are augmented by PlastiCert’s effort to keep on-hand inventory as low as efficiency and pricing allows



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