Resin Selection – we have used a lot of ‘em

Published On: August 11th, 2022|Categories: Blog|

When looking for an injection molder, experience with the type(s) of resin you plan to use is one of your criteria. Large high-volume shops tend to cater to certain markets, e.g., automotive, packaging, consumer. As such can be focused on a narrow range of resin type usage.

At PlastiCert, we have experience in numerous marketplace applications and have nearly 200 different resins in our ERP system. Meaning we have worked with many different types of resins be they structural, flexible, engineered, etc.

We have over 60 different polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends in our database. Over a dozen different UltemTM variations, two dozen different nylons and nearly that many ABS variations.

Predominately, we work with the engineered resins. Resins with structural additives like fiberglass and carbon fiber. Resins with chemical additives like UV inhibitors, smoke inhibitors and flame retardants.  

So, if you need help selecting a resin, or are looking for experience with a particular type of resin, give us a call. Odds are we have worked with it and can even help you access a hard-to-get resin because of our history buying it.

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