SHORING and all its flavors

Published On: April 13th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

PlastiCert has been working on the shoring issue its entire history. We were well versed in it from the start. Our founder started his career creating OFFSHORING* plants for his employer all over the Far East.

Once he started PlastiCert in the USA, we were quite successful recognizing that certain markets and technologies still required INSHORING** for the higher quality, capabilities, and control. Although at that time it wasn’t called INSHORING it was just standard procedure for midsized OEMs to source domestically. Then PlastiCert too began to feel the effects of OFFSHORING and NEARSHORING***. That resulted in our changing our business model for molds, parts, presses, and capabilities.

Which also resulted in :Offering one stop shopping. A lower cost, “Mold design/build and molding under the same roof”, source for injection molds. Focusing on low and medium volume programs. Having readily available capacity injection molding presses. Offering industry leading material science and molding capability to handle complex and unique component molding, insert molding, overmolding, sub assembly and decorating.  With monumental change (accepting that change is good!!), PlastiCert began to grow again.

That success has set us up for the latest shoring phenomenon, RESHORING****. Where OEMs are finally realizing that lowest cost is not everything and comes with some caveats. Like transportation issues, having to ship slowly on the water or expensively in the air. Inflated inventory costs due to in-transit products sitting for weeks and even months. Communication issues manifested in both language and time zone differences. PlastiCert has received numerous inquiries from companies that are trying to RESHORE. PlastiCert has also received inquiries from companies getting bumped from the INSHORE source, because a larger OEM RESHORING has bumped the smaller OEM from their INSHORE sourced current molder because of limited capacity.

Perhaps someday, we’ll just go back to sourcing (AND SHORING) based on what makes the most sense. Short term, long term, technology, cost, customer centric, supplier support, all factored in, and analyzed unbiased and honestly.

Getting a little tired of all the SOURCING issues? Give PlastiCert a call. We have always been USA based. We have always made our molds domestically. We source all our materials domestically (unless directed to by our customers). Our customers tell us we service them well and trouble free.

* Taking operations overseas to a foreign plant in a lower cost region

** Placing operations in your country but in a lower cost area

*** Outsourcing to a lower cost region whose proximity is closer, typically same continent

**** Bringing previously offshored or nearshored programs back to USA domestic production

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