Small & Medium Volume means highly capable and diverse offerings

Published On: March 17th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

For 20 years, when PlastiCert expanded up into the 500-ton press range, we have looked to provide our customers a means to get their components whether they need 50 or 250,000.

Truth be told we prefer the 50-piece end of the spectrum. We have been quoted as saying we hate high volume here at PlastiCert.

We are adept at making micro parts (or micromolding),

as well as larger parts (I included the dime in all of them to give you perspective)


Including those requiring insertmolding components into them. (If you could see them all, you would count 42 inserts in that larger part above).

Parts that cover the resin spectrum from readily available to the high temperature engineered resins.

At PlastiCert we love change, we strive to be diverse, we like a good challenge, (we have not been beaten yet). Even after turning down a project (nearing higher volume, smaller part, standard resin, complex geometry), we ended up succeeding at it when the customer returned after failing elsewhere and asking us to reconsider.

Learn what customers coast-to-coast have learned. We succeed where others have failed. Come on, challenge us, if it is a thermoplastic, we can shoot it, if a mold is feasible, we can shoot the part. Give us a call.

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