Staying focused as we become larger

Published On: December 11th, 2019|Categories: Blog|

I’ve posted about our gains; in equipment, people and revenues. What hasn’t changed is our mission statement and vision. To provide all our customers with the composite injection molding expertise they require to design and market successful products within the small and medium volume market.

We get numerous inquiries through our website. (It is our only sales avenue, we have no mobile sales force out in the marketplace. All of us at PlastiCert are sales people, satisfying our customers molding needs.) Some inquiries project volumes in the millions. In our response, we query as to if that volume is accurate or best guess. As we really have no desire to engage with any opportunity that will produce millions.

I’ve been quoted as saying I hate high volume programs. It’s true I do. Primarily because it robs us of our flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. Of all the customers we service annually, only two provide us an annual forecast. The rest all submit purchase orders as they need parts. We have earned the reputation of satisfying demand when necessary. Do I wish everyone provided a forecast? Certainly, but many OEMs don’t have that luxury.

We work to keep our capacities on the low side, so we can accommodate last minute needs and changes. We’ve learned that is what our customers want, and we’ve become quite good at it.   

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