Taking high tech to the woods, water and playing field – continued

Published On: February 21st, 2017|Categories: Blog|

While plastics and composites have been broadening horizons in the Business-to-Business (B2B) product segments, one area that continues to grow quickly is the Business to Consumer (B2C) product segment. Composites are taking the time-tested materials of steel, aluminum, wood and simple plastics out back for an overhaul.

PlastiCert continues to make additional inroads into helping companies take composites into the woods and water.

Ravin Crossbows, our latest new customer, has developed a revolutionary crossbow for the archery market. We are using high tech composites for the stock and internal components to assist with weight, structural integrity, and weather resistance. http://ravincrossbows.com

In a previous newsletter, I talked about Northbar Tackle. They have been making saltwater fishing lures for many years and as demand for their hand carved wooden “Bottledarter” lure grew, they could not keep up with demand. PlastiCert assisted Northbar in converting the movement and action of the original wooden lure into a two-piece plastic lure that could take production to a new level. While their initial testing results were very positive, the pictures on their website show that the public is pleased as well.  http://northbartackle.com/

Another interesting development for fishing lures, we reviewed some lure failures for another lure company. Seems the treble hook hanging off the rear of the lure had busted right out the back end during use. Upon examination, there was no change or degradation in the lure from its original design and manufacture. Testing bore out that the latest high technology fishing lines had become stronger than the lure. When snagged on rocks or trees the weak link had become the lure, overtaken by the evolution of fishing line. PlastiCert made recommendations to redesign and areas of the lure and possibly use a newer composite to accommodate this more severe use environment.

Football helmets, skateboards, snow skis, more and more composites are being used to both enhance performance AND enhance safety. Have a product you would like to enhance, give us a call.

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