“Great customer service! Very responsive to all inquiries. Thank you so much for getting me the samples! They look great! I really appreciate your help – especially when it was my mistake. You guys are the best. I owe you one (maybe two).”

– Construction/Lighting & Presentation Controls Company

PlastiCert Testimonial #1
PlastiCert Testimonial #2

“Thank you for your responsiveness, your attention to detail and insightful questions are just what we needed.”

– Commercial/Consumer Recreational Products Company

“You do an excellent job at responding when we have a crisis. Have pulled us out of many problems with customers.”

– Industrial Controls Company

PlastiCert Testimonial #3
PlastiCert Testimonial #4

“Thanks for the update, and thanks again to the PlastiCert team for their immediate attention and fast response to the problem. Once again you are proving that we have chosen the right vendor for our plastic molding needs.”

– Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

“That is the most complex part out of that engineered composite PEI that I have ever seen!”

– Telecommunications Antenna Manufacturer

PlastiCert Testimonial #5
PlastiCert Testimonial #6

“The best Customer Service Person there is bar none!!! We look forward to future projects with this company. Extremely fair people.”

– Medical Device Manufacturer

“This mold was in the Czech Republic for 11 ½ years, now they want nothing to do with our parts. Thank you for bringing them in and getting them into production smoothly.”

– Industrial Equipment manufacturer

PlastiCert Testimonial #7