The 6th annual Frozen River Film Festival begins next week.

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Here in the Winona area during winter, there are plenty of outdoor activities like cross country skiing, ice fishing etc. We also stay active indoors and coming up next is the Frozen River Film Festival (FRFF). Taking place January 22 – 26 (although some preliminary events kick in by the 18th), this is the 6th Annual FRFF and they will be featuring over 50 films. Shown at venues throughout Winona, the films are authored by National Geographic award winners down to elementary school fourth graders.

One of the greatest aspects of the festival is the interaction offered attendees. The authors are usually present and an open dialog occurs after the viewing. Attendees can ask questions, make comments and confer with both the author and each other.

The variety of films are staggering, from environmental films (covering multiple sides of issues) to self-proclaimed “adrenalin films”. The categories submissions are made in include:

Extreme Sports (they’re seeking films that seize the audience’s attention and perch them on the edge of their seats.)

World Culture (Films in this category are meant to teach or enlighten the audience on aspects of culture that may be unfamiliar to them.)

Environment (Environmental films can focus on concerns/problems, success stories, ideas for sustainability and prosperity, or even branch off into the environment’s relation to ecology, health or human rights.)

Adventure (This category is meant to share experiences and travels people have had across the universe so that our audience can also embrace such journeys.)

For more information go to:  or read a local write up on it by the local paper:

So if you are an indoor type during the Minnesota Winter (transplant perhaps?) or want to combine some indoor with the great outdoor we have to offer, come to Winona next week. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!


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