The one constant, change

Published On: September 16th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Change is inevitable. Over time, all things change, both people and businesses.

As we begin to approach our 40th year of business, PlastiCert has seen monumental change. Starting out specializing in small electrical connectors, we have evolved to embrace the need for larger yet still low and medium volumes of orders across a myriad of customer markets.  

Over the last 5 or 6 years, PlastiCert continues to alter its pie chart of business segments. With the recognition of what composites can do for traditionally metal or even wood products, we have seen large growth in the recreational consumer market, as well as the telecom and agriculture markets.

Within our consumer recreational segment, PlastiCert molds fishing lures. We had an instance come up where a product failure was analyzed due to the plastic lure breaking. Yet the failure was not a function of the manufactured part, it was the result of the enhancement of the line that it was attached to. Fishing line has become so strong, that instead of the line breaking, the lure was overcome by the buildup of force. Both a redesign of the part and a suggestion to move to a stronger composite was indicated, due to the evolution of the world around it.

I am sure your world is changing too. Is your molding supplier there for you to keep you from falling behind? Or even surpassed by the ancillary products around yours?

Give PlastiCert a call or drop us an inquiry through the website. We like to help our customers focus on what their requirements are, and if composites can help avoid any problems, present or in the future.

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