There ain’t no free lunch, (especially in Supply Chain)

Published On: February 15th, 2024|Categories: Blog|

We heard “ain’t no free lunch” many times over our lives, first from our parents, then from our managers and supervisors.

Yet, it is still a huge marketing ploy, “……… and shipping is always free” the commercials tell us. Yet, those of us in business know, but maybe ignore, that shipping is not free. Getting products from them to you costs money. UPS, FedEx, USPS, trucking, all make revenues for their services. The people sending us those things pay them to bring us our orders. So shipping is not “FREE”. It is included in the cost of the things we buy. Sometimes we must buy a membership, sometimes we have to order a certain volume of dollars or quantity, but rest assured, the money these companies are paying to send you things is covered.

The same goes true for our injection molding business. When you need parts for your product, you first need to make a mold. Molds and other onetime purchases needed to make production are referred to as NRE cost, or “non-recurring engineering” costs. If that mold is “free” or even if you are told it is wrapped into the price of the parts, you have just lost control of the program. Regardless of how that customer and that “free” mold performs, you have little to no rights to it. Even if it is covered under a contract, if it is offshore, getting it sent back is arduous if not impossible.

Need a supply chain that keeps YOU in control of your quality and fate?

Engage a supplier like PlastiCert. We will work with you to provide you the mold you need for the parts you require. It is your asset, residing within our facility that you can access and utilize in whatever manner YOU choose. That is the best way to ensure your supply chain stays in your control and working for you rather than against you.

Leary of the offshore option or been burned in the past? Give us a call. We have been told for 20 years that we are competitive with offshore pricing. Our quality is better, our communication is easier, and we are a four time Plastics Technology Top Shop Winner!!

Even if you are domestically sourced, are you sourced with an award winner? Are they competitively priced? Are you small or mid volume and getting the attention you deserve?

Come check us out. We have added five new customers in the last six months are glad they did!


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