Time passes quickly

Published On: September 8th, 2022|Categories: Blog|

Today is the 11th Anniversary of the Management Buyout (MBO) of PlastiCert by it’s current owner. Seems like it was just yesterday, yet so much has transpired since that day.

  • First and maybe foremost was the elimination of all debt from before and as part of the acquisition
  • Hiring new technical talent that has elevated our molding capabilities and mold design/build capabilities
  • Replacing all of our injection molding equipment with new models
  • Replacing and adding additional equipment in our mold build tool shop
  • Replacing our coordinate measuring machine with a new model and augmenting our QC Lab capabilities
  • Acquiring back ownership of our facility (no longer leasing)
  • Building a new addition doubling our manufacturing space and adding much needed warehouse space
  • Continuing to add new molding equipment as demand stresses quick turnaround availability

Much of what we accomplished was under the shadow of COVID and market uncertainty. Actually, those conditions made for some really good equipment deals. Where others were hunkered down and hesitant to move, we made some great deals.

Bottom line is that we accomplished what we set out to do. Stabilized and then made for a secure base financially, identified needs for growth, put together a plan and executed it.

All this was not accomplished by the new owner but by a very capable and dedicated management team that will continue to execute well into the future.

In total, we have invested close to $3 million dollars to insure PlastiCert has the resources and capability to serve customers for many years to come.

How well situated is your current injection molder? Are they making plans? Executing them in a timely manner? Need overmolding, micromolding, in-mold decorating or just have a difficult or demanding resin requirement? If you think you need a progressive, technically capable and solidly situated molder, give us a call.


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