Unplugging – Time off

Published On: February 14th, 2017|Categories: Blog|

PlastiCert is an atypical injection molder in a great many ways.

  • First and foremost, we typically hate large orders of parts and running high volume lot sizes.
  • We have both a mold design, build & maintenance shop under the same roof as our injection molding
  • We’ve won two awards for workplace flexibility and effectiveness
  • We have never, in 12 years, denied a request for vacation/time off.

At PlastiCert we are as proud of the last bullet point as we are of the prior 3 and many other things we do. It has been an axiom since 2004 through today, PlastiCert people work hard, so we deserve to play hard.

That sentiment does not just pertain to time off as well. We encourage and to a degree insist that worktime is worktime and home time is home time. We may come in early or leave late sometimes, but as a rule we try to not mix work and home.

It’s true we are a service provider and as such have responsibilities to our customers to make sure things get done correctly and on time. We have taken steps to cover contingencies where possible so that time away does not come at the sacrifice of our commitments to our customers. Whatever our coworkers’ interests are outside work, we endeavor to allow them to pursue and focus on those interests without the shadow of the office over them. We feel in the end, our people are that much better off and when on-site, applying themselves to our mission of providing service our customers with plastic injection molding expertise; in an environment that fosters personal growth, professional challenge and a recognized responsibility to the community around us.

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