Updating our message

Published On: July 12th, 2023|Categories: Company News|

Just as we continually assess our manufacturing capabilities and offerings, we also need to address our messaging.

We have always received very positive feedback on our website. Its appearance, its content, its ability to convey who PlastiCert is and what we have to offer.

Admittedly, those compliments have waned over the last few years. We have known for some time that an update was due, but when you are successful and growing, you focus on the business at hand.

With the talk of possible recession, the mold side of our business has seen some slack, let’s call it. Production molding is down slightly. Now was a good time to focus on the marketing side and we set out to revise our website. We added to the message and put in some video of people and machines doing their thing.

So come visit our website, take a look at what is new. See if there are any capabilities or skill sets that we, for some reason,  have not highlighted for you.

Send me some feedback on what you think. Or contact us if you are ready to cut loose that new product or program now that the economy is still humming and demand is still out there.

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