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Published On: March 27th, 2024|Categories: Blog|

You have seen us write about and feature on our web site, that we do small and medium volume.

With small and medium volume also comes erratic orders. Most of our customers have an array of parts in their portfolio and order them multiple times a year.

Then there are the true smaller volume people. At PlastiCert, while the bulk of our service is to 6-12 customers, we service around forty customers annually. The vast majority order and speak to us quite infrequently.

So yes, occasionally we pick up the phone and get to say hello to a less frequently heard voice. We are truly happy to hear from you!!

This month, we received an order from a customer in the sporting goods market. The last time they had ordered these three parts was nearly six years ago. The resin was on-hand (a benefit of working with PlastiCert on resin selection). We took the mold off the storage rack, called up the electronic process sheets, scheduled the production and cranked the parts out in a manner of days. While we were at it, we made some updates to the production procedure regarding packaging.

Mastering small and medium volume is more than just quick changeovers and set-ups. It involves quality documentation and sound processes used by a sharp technical team that can run parts from last week, last year, or even six years ago!

Is your supplier giving you the run around about making timely deliveries and trying to “squeeze in” your order when you need the parts now? Are you having to order earlier and earlier to make sure they arrive in time for your production needs?

Give PlastiCert a call. We excel at making parts regardless of the frequency of orders.

After all, “Our job is to make you look good in your job.”

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