Well, I remember that one day, it was so cold that………

Published On: February 18th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

In Minnesota we tell cold stories, it is what we do. All winter long because we are used to cold. Like the time in my teens when I went snowmobiling when it was -30° (w/o windchill) and I literally froze the skin on my cheek. We tell stories in Minnesota because cold weather is a way of life here.

Yet that is not the case in the Southern US. We read stories about people huddled around gas stoves and starting fires in their living room, and people dying. Our thoughts are with the people living through this nightmare down south.

Sadly, it has been that cold there before. Within the last 100 years it has gone below 0° down south. Dallas’s record low is -8° in 1899 and 2° for the month of January in1949. Decisions were made for building codes and infrastructure construction that ignored that history. Here in Minnesota, where we allow construction in our low-lying areas is based on mapping floods over the last 100 years.

Likelihood of happening versus the cost of planning for the unexpected or rare occurrence.

It is the same in business. PlastiCert has been around for 40 years and seen both good times and bad.  We have seen numerous recessions, seen our founder pass away unexpectedly, multiple management realignments and two ownership changes. In our case, such hardships have created a seasoned and prepared organization. A supplier that customers can place their faith in that regardless of circumstances, PlastiCert will be there for the long haul. We have built in redundancy for press tonnage coverage. We routinely back up our technical and planning information.  We STRONGLY encourage our customers to have multiple sources approved for their resin and component selections.

Not planning for the unexpected is flirting with hardship. Not planning for events that have happened before, is a choice you must own up to, not point fingers about.

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