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Published On: February 20th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Supply Chair interruptions happen all the time. Plants close down for maintenance, transportation arrangements fall apart, recalled raw materials set you back. Some disruptions are more severe than others.

We’ve experienced them ourselves trying to acquire resin and inserts.

We’ve answered the call from our customers numerous times, helping to get them through the supply chain disruption of the month.

This latest one involving Chinese manufacturing is huge. As with all disruptions, it points out in a very large spotlight, how sound your sourcing and risk management strategies are.

PlastiCert is here to help. I know in our industry, disruption means no product and no access to your tooling. Or maybe you don’t actually own the tooling but were getting product off of a custom mold. In either case, we may be able to help, with a solution that will lessen the risks in the future.

If it looks like you might be in a bind, calling early is better than later. If you are buying high volumes, hundreds of thousands to millions, we’re not your answer. But if you thought you had a great deal for the thousands of parts a year that you need, give us a call. As in all problem solving, it would be nice to only have to solve it once.

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