What gives with giving?

Published On: March 5th, 2015|Categories: Blog|

PlastiCert has long stood for not only residing in the community, but being part of it. Part of it is in our blood. Minnesota as a state ranks 3rd in the nation for volunteerism, with over 1/3 of the residents participating in volunteering, over 70% participate “informally” helping neighbors and such. The Minneapolis/St. Paul area ranks #1 in the nation amongst the largest Metropolitan areas.

PlastiCert considers itself a part of its area community, with the same rights, and responsibilities as the residents of the area. Part of that responsibility is to participate in the process of being a community. The end of our mission statement here at PlastiCert states our commitment to the community around us and we take that to heart. While we donate cash to the likes of our local annual celebrations and organizations like the High School Supermileage Project Team, United Way, High School Spanish Club, and Toys For Tots, we also donate thousands hours of our time to civic, sports and community groups. Our people provide their various skills and expertise as additional hands, and in many cases leadership to help our communities be better places to live and help them grow.

So while volunteering may be a part of “being Minnesotan” or just inherent in being part of smaller communities, we do know that it is natural, and a trait that will continue well into the future.

PlastiCert’s mission Statement: The mission of PlastiCert is to service our customers with plastic injection molding expertise; in an environment that fosters personal growth, professional challenge and a recognized responsibility to the community around us.


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