Why we think having two businesses under one roof is a benefit to our customers

Published On: February 8th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

If you already entrust us with your parts, then you probably already know that we have a mold design and build shop as well as an injection molding capability under one roof.

If you are not one of our partners, then maybe you do not know that.

In either case, you may not know why we prefer to offer you both services even though they involve drastically different technologies, equipment needs, and philosophies.

A mold serves but one primary purpose, to provide a means to form a part out of a raw material.

After that, a mold can take on a host of secondary functions and features. Certain characteristics of the part, like through holes, undercuts and threads are possible and done in a myriad of ways, either in the mold or out of the mold as a secondary operation.

The more characteristics of the part you are able to achieve within the mold, typically increases the price you are required to pay for the mold. Responding to those myriad of options means communication between customer/part designer, mold designer, and yes the part molder. If all three or four are under different roofs, communication can get difficult. Eliminating one or more of those roofs goes a long way to improving efficiencies and deterring cost

Once the component design is finalized, there is still a great deal of discussion between mold design and processing. Having the two feet from each other rather than miles, hours or day is a huge advantage. Whether it is during mold design, build or especially sampling, having mold and molder people on the same page is huge. It is a main deterrent to “over the wall” syndrome. If the sampling does not go as planned, all responsible parties are there to discuss theory and reality.

So when you are checking out your supply chain, check on how many links in the chain there are and where they are. You may just save yourself a big headache, and some money as well.

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